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Zebra Mussel Filter Systems, Inc.

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Zebra Mussel Filter Information

Model 5100L Filter information

Model 6000 Filter

This filter is similar to the 5100L and offers the same zebra mussel protection, but has a 2-inch water connection capable of a higher rate of water flow for large volume use for homes or businesses; this is often useful in conjunction with shore wells.

Model 1500 Filter

The "seasonal unit", intended to supply zebra mussel free water to cottages and seasonal businesses, where the water line is in shallow water and may be pulled up each winter. Installation is simple and easy for the consumer.

Submersible Pump Protective Case

This case is made of 6" schedule 40 PVC pipe that surrounds the pump. It is then connected between the filter and the home water line.

Submersible pump encasement
Submersible pump encasement attached to Model 5100L Zebra Mussel Systems filter.

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